Rejuvenate your classroom

Pre-made lesson plans, saving teachers time and empowering them to immerse learners in meaningful learning experiences around sustainability, entrepreneurship and so much more.   

Plant the Seed is not just another content provider

The world is ever evolving. This requires the content we teach, and the way in which we learn to be adaptable to these changes. We support teachers by eliminating the need to research, design, and update their curriculum on a constant basis. We provide innovative, real world, and essential content ready packaged, curated, and CAPS aligned for teachers to use in the classroom. Our growing library of curricula seeks to equip inundated teachers with ready-made lesson plans and projects for a variety of school subjects and age-groups.

Saves you Time

No need to prep new material or redesign curriculum. All our lesson suites include pre-made lesson plans, teachers presentations, support material, and learner activities and projects. 

New & Exciting Material

Our lesson suites cover real world themes and content learners are interested in and excited by: entrepreneurship, sustainability, climate change, biomimicry and more. We have an array of projects and activities that actively engage learners in developing solutions to real world problems.    

Less Teaching more Facilitating

Our curriculum employs a variety of teaching methods that require you to do less teaching and more facilitating. We aim for learner-centered processes.   

CAPS Aligned & Ready

All our lesson suites and projects are comprehensively aligned to CAPS. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to know where and how to incorporate our lessons into your curriculum plan. 

Whole School Services

Embed future-fit curriculum into an entire grade, phase, or your school. We customise bundled curriculum packages for your school to an unlimited number of teachers. On top of this we provide free training and staff development in the curriculum theme you have chosen. In addition, gain access to a dedicated group on our platform for your teachers to access all material and streamline communication.  

Customised Curriculum Bundles

Pick and choose the curriculum that supports your schools priorities and intended outcomes.

Dedicated Groups

Access dedicated community group where all your teachers have access to the curriculum. Create sub-groups by grade, subject and/or phase to streamline communication.

Free teacher training

We provide free teacher training for any curriculum bundle you purchase. The training can be by grade or subject depending on what you choose. 

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