Building the circular economy through education & infrastructure

We help schools engage their learners in holistic and meaningful learning experiences and practical action for Sustainable Development. 


The first of its kind in South Africa, our Zero Waste Toolkit is a full-service package assisting schools in radically reducing the waste that they send to landfill through infrastructure and education.

We provide immersive excursions and workshops which aim to future-proof learners. We equip them with the behaviours and insights to impact our changing world in a positive and meaningful way. 

Innovative and practical project based lesson plans and projects that immerse learners in sustainable development themes, entrepreneurship, climate change and more.

What makes us different?

Why choose Plant The Seed?

Unique Curriculum

Because of our international partnerships with Eco-Rise and ThoughtBox, we have access to curriculum that no one else has in South Africa.

Curriculum aligned with the Department of Basic Education

Our curriculum is aligned with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), which is a single, comprehensive, and concise policy document introduced by the Department of Basic Education in South Africa.

Trusted & experienced leaders in our field

We have years of experience in curriculum and education design along with years of workshop and training experience.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have a thorough monitoring and evaluation process built into each project to ensure the quality and sustainability of operations. In addition, you'll receive data for reports so that you can measure the impact in the communities in which you operate.



The Greater Tygerberg Partnership are the founders and incubators of the Zero Waste Toolkit. We have partnered with them to scale the service outside of their geographical mandate. 


The Western Cape Education Department have fully endorsed our Zero Waste Toolkit service and have sponsored implementation in a few schools. 

The Western Cape Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Department have fully endorsed our Zero Waste Toolkit service and have sponsored implementation in a few schools. 


Based in the United States, Eco-Rise is one of our curriculum partners.


Based in the United Kingdom, ThoughtBox is one of our curriculum partners.

Sustainability Institute

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Sustainability Institute are our workshop partners.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development and beyond

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a core focus of our service offerings. Through our curricula, workshops and Zero Waste infrastructure we are providing platforms for schools to engage their learners in tangible action towards achieving the SDGs and exploring ways to even go above and beyond to regenerative practices.  

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure