• 3 Lessons

    Air all around us

    In this module, students discover that air is everywhere, and they explore that explore the fact that most living things on Earth depend upon it for their very existence. Students get to use their senses and observe air through visual and hands-on activities.

  • 3 Lessons

    Bodies in Motion

    The act of getting from A to B has evolved tremendously over time. Transportation is introduced to the learners in this module in wonderful ways. A large focus is placed on human-powered transport methods such as walking and cycling which promote a healthy lifestyle. 
    This module shows the young learners that transport can be healthy, fun and effective. 

  • 4 Lessons

    Changing Climates: 1-2

    Grade 1-2. Lessons will introduce learning about the cause & effect of climate change, exploring some of the science and relating it to local contexts. Students will understand the impact of climate change on human and non-human communities and engage with the values and emotions that we are all experiencing, helping to inspire positive actions and empowerment moving forward.

  • 3 Lessons

    Sensing Water

    The young learners in this module use their senses to learn practically about water and its vital importance to us and our livelihoods.
    Through practical and creative avenues, learners gain a well rounded outlook and appreciation on water.  

  • 3 Lessons

    Spaces in Places

    In this module, students are introduced to the concept of public space. They are taught the difference between public and private space and learn how to not 'invade' other people's space.

  • 3 Lessons

    Waste Matters

    In this module, learners are exposed to the concept of 'waste' and asked to rethink this concept by learning about nature's way of composting and innovating new products from old waste materials. They also learn the concept of the  3 R's (reuse, recycle and reduce) via a lively tune that will get them singing along. 

  • 3 Lessons

    What is Energy?

    This module introduces the learners to the concept of Energy and the various forms of energy that come from the sun, the food we eat and the lifestyles we live. 
    Through engaging activities, learners will gain a solid understanding of where we get energy from and how to best balance it in the lifestyle choices we make. 

  • 3 Lessons

    Wonderful World of Plants

    The food we eat and the manner in which it is farmed/produced has a direct impact on our health as humans. This module immerses the learners into the world of plants and the benefits that plants as food has to our overall health and well-being. 
    Through practical activities, tasters and small seedling projects, learners will gain a better insight into food security and healthy eating. 

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure