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Vole’s Big Flood

Aims & Objectives

Lessons will explore the cause & effect of climate change to enable pupils to develop a simple understanding of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases and their effects on the environment.

Pupils will explore the impacts of climate change on human and non-human communities, building empathy and critical thinking whilst exploring individual and collective actions to inspire positive change.

What you will learn

Lesson 1 | Immerse | Our Changing Climate
Engaging with some of the realities of climate change, introducing the science and exploring ‘Deep Time’

Lesson 2 | Understand | Cause and Effect
Exploring causes and effects of climate change and understanding the influence of human activities

Lesson 3 | Perspectives | The Ripple Effects
Empathising with the impact of climate change in different communities, contexts and environments

Lesson 4 | Empower | Be the Change
Connecting with global change-makers and exploring emotional responses to climate change, learning to move from anxiety to empowerment

Module alignments

Grade | AgesGrade 5-6 | 10-12 years
CAPS SubjectGeography | Life Skills | Natural Sciences
Grade 5 alignmentGeography: Term 3: Weather
a. How weather affects people

Geography: Term 3: Climate
a. Difference between climate and weather
b. Different types of climate and their differences

Geography: Term 3: Physical features and human activities
a. Ways in which human activities change physical landscapes

Geography: Term 3: Natural vegetation
a. Links between wildlife, vegetation and climate and the effects that climate has on them

Geography: Term 4: Mining and the environment
a. Impact of mining on the environment

Natural Sciences: Term 1: Interdependence
a. The relationship between plants, animals and resources is interconnected and humans are disrupting these connections through the impact of climate change
Grade 6 alignmentGeography: Term 4: People around the world
a. The influence of climate, weather and mineral resource on the globe and the people

Natural Sciences: Term 3: Fossil fuels and electricity
a. What are fossil fuels and how do we extract and use them?
b. Renewable ways to generate electricity and use alternative energy sources

Life Skills: Term 3: Caring for animals
a. Impact of climate change on other animals
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Module Includes

  • 4 Lessons

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure