Equipping teachers with curriculum that develop essential skills and values in our youth

We support teachers by eliminating the need to research, design, and update their curriculum on a constant basis. We provide innovative, real world, and essential content ready packaged for teachers to use in the classroom.


Our curriculum

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a core focus of our curriculum. All of our curriculum themes work toward educating and engaging learners in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs at home and in their communities. In the process learners develop essential skills and values.

Curriculum Themes

Subject Alignments

Benefit oriented features

CAPS aligned

Transforming your curriculum is important, but so is meeting the requirements. We have carefully aligned Future-fit curriculum to various CAPS subjects, themes and terms.   

School phase

By focusing on school phases we offer you opportunities to engage learners in transformative education and build essential skills year on year. 


Access Future-fit curriculum from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. Our curriculum provides downloadable teacher and learner resources to increase ease of use. 


It couldn’t get anymore affordable. Have a look for yourself. 


Everything is connected, so why don’t we teach that way. Our Future-fit curriculum and projects provide endless opportunities for cross curricula links and interleaved learning. 

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure