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Life Orientation, Geography, History

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Environmental education; Curriculum alignment; Curriculum creating; Biomimicry; Design & Systems thinking


During my PGCE, I spent exceptionally valuable time doing my teaching practicals at both Groote Schuur High School and Constantia Waldorf. These two experiences, which were very different by nature, gave me a well-rounded eye-opening perspective on education.
Following from my PGCE, I dived into a variety of work avenues, predominantly focusing on ways in which I could merge my passions for education with my longest-standing passion for Nature.
In my time with Plant the Seed, I have become increasingly fascinated in supporting educators to drive social, environmental and valuable change among their learners through the form of curriculum creation, alignment and professional development sessions.

I maintain an open-mind to all things ‘education’ and strive to be a supporting component in a growing ecosystem of change-makers.

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B.Soc.Sci (UCT) & Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE, UCT)

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Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 8, Grade 9

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